I live most of my life in omnifocus so I end up dividing most of the things I want to do into projects. Here's a short list of what I currently have in progress-ish to keep me honest.

Side things

Keeping myself busy with a combintation of useful things (20%) and dumb things (80%).

Recoil logo submissionDoing itYes
Learn Single SPADoing itYes
Messing around with Nova ExtensionsDoing itYes

Moving to Montreal

People ask me what up with my move approximately 10 billion times a day, so I'll link you here if you ask. Hopefully that doesn't seem passive-agressive. (It's not supposed to be obvious.)

Legions of tax formsDoneNo
Apply for RAMQ for pickup on arrivalDoneNo
Taking flight there with store credit I have at PorterCan'tNo
Find place to move intoDoing itNo
End lease on current place in TorontoNot startedNo
Book movers using store credit I haveNot startedNo
Tell everyone, including you, that I've movedNot startedNo